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Anyone who blogs properly can only win... Bloggs have long since ceased to be just instruments of journalists or even hobby journalists. A blog on your specialist areas enhances your site, informs your customers and also has a positive impact on the Google ranking. Added value for you and your readers.

Blogartikel schreiben

Inform about content

What is a blog anyway and where did its name come from?

This or the blog is also called a web log. The name consists of two components:

1.) World Wide Web

2.) Logbook - standing for a form of diary

The author or publisher of a blog is referred to as a blogger.

Nowadays, however, a blog is less of a classic online diary, but rather serves, among other things, to inform its customers about a wide variety of specialist topics. You can also actively pick up your readers here and exchange opinions on a wide variety of areas.

In the meantime, blogging has become a fundamental tool for many companies to inform their website visitors about the latest topics, to explain services and products and to impart knowledge. What was once used as an editorial tool by newspapers and for the classic way of keeping an online diary is now popular in all areas.

The disadvantage of a blog is that it is usually very time-consuming, because it should be constantly expanded. Again, the art lies in the writing. Blog articles that are awkwardly written, confusing in terms of content and incorrectly formulated do not reflect well on the author. Writing blog articles correctly, making them interesting and maintaining them continuously should not be underestimated by the operator.

Used correctly, the blog is a very good tool for a better internet presence and, above all, for an improved Google ranking. Because the content delivered here can also have a positive effect on your search engine optimization.

Need help with your blog? I would be glad to help you.

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