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Online shops - product descriptions

On the one hand, a good product description decides whether the prospect becomes a buyer, on the other hand, this content also influences the Google ranking.


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Product images are fundamental for an online shop, but texts are at least as importantand also. Only words give the products their content and sell them to the customers.

Personally, I equate product descriptions with a salesperson or consultant. Imagine you go into a store and need advice on a product. The salesman is taciturn, demotivated and also poorly informed in his field. Would that affect your purchasing decision? In this case, would you go to another store and ultimately buy the product there if you got better advice? Me, yes.


With online sales, the customer has no opportunity to actively ask questions, while the seller has no opportunity to adapt, expand or even correct his statements. This makes a high-quality product description, among other things, a stumbling block that can lead to sales failures.


Adapting the printout according to the target group, not making the product content too short or too extensive and giving the customer an AUltimately encouraging arguments to buy is the art of copywriting.

Many online shops make the mistake of writing all product texts 1:1 due to bulk processing or other time-saving reasonsfrom theirsto take over suppliers or even competitors. Not only do I as a customer notice this when comparing different online shop offers, but Google also notices this convenience negatively and penalizes it with a poorer ranking.

Good and individual product descriptions are time-consuming and tedious, but in the end they decide on the success and your sales. 

As an experienced copywriter in a wide variety of segments, I guarantee you promising content.

My prices depend on the project content and its scope. It is important to me to offer every customer the best value for money. Arrange a personal consultation with me today.

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