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SEO Marketing & UX - Writing

There are various tools for a profitable online presence. SEO marketing, as well as UX writing, involve more than just a simple text and are crucial tools for successful online marketing.

SEO und UX Marketing

SEO Marketing
(Search Engine Optimization)

SEO marketing is an essential tool to get you visible in organic search results.

Together with SEA (search engine advertising), SEO forms search engine marketing as a concept of online presence. Both areas have one goal: to appear as high as possible in the search results. Only with good visibility is it possible for you to gain notoriety via the Internet and to build up a large reach, or to generate sales via an online shop.

By SEO we understand all technical and content-related measures that have a positive influence on the page ranking and thus visibility in the search engine results.

The goals of good SEO marketing:

  • Increase your company / brand / site awareness

  • increasing your reach

  • To increase online shops in terms of profit and conversions

  • Placement of your website / online shop in the first places of the organic search

  • ...

earlier war manipulation by Google is still possible, today Google can no longer be corrupted.

Unauthorized methods even lead to a deterioration in your ranking, up to exclusion from the search results.

The SEO is divided into 2 areas:

1.) On-Page Optimization:

  • Content optimization - in the form of text and content optimization by dhe content creates added value, including relevant keywords. Images and the correct use of meta information also play a relevant role in content optimization.

  • Technical optimization - servers, source codes and CMS areas are improved and optimized.

  • Mobile optimization - provision of content on all end devices.

2. Offpage Optimization

  • Link building - through targeted link placement on your website, you generate a better ranking. Danger! Here the quality of the established links plays a major role. In addition, this instrument influencesent your trust factor.

  • Increase visibility -  this works with social media marketing and content marketing.

SEO is a complex form of marketing, based on regular analyses, we improve your SEO structure together, piece by piece. In contrast to SEA, success in SEO is not visible within a very short time, but continuous optimization is still worthwhile in order to generate future rankings in the organic search (without using budgets).

I would be happy to support you in this. Together we will bring your site to the top search results.

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