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My name is Claudia Glass. For several years I have been a passionate copywriter in the areas I offer. A good text brings about success in every area.

I look forward to always being able to address new, exciting topics. The art of a good copywriter lies in being able to inspire oneself for all segments, only then can one manage to convince the readers.

You can learn to juggle, coordinate and analyze, but you need a certain basic talent to implement them. Texts cause emotions, they inform and stimulate interactions. On the other hand, bad texts can also quickly lead to disinterest and dubiousness.

With a very good copywriter like me, we lay the foundation for your success together. I am looking forward to our collaboration.

My prices and offers adapt to your project needs. The initial consultation is of course free of charge. Let me convince you.

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+41 78 943 01 24

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Thanks so much. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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