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A newsletter is a modern and cost-saving circular by e-mail. Unfortunately, this marketing tool is still often underestimated. If used correctly, this form of customer acquisition can also help you to be more successful.

Newsletter Markteting


EA newsletter is an advertising brochure or an information letter, which is sent inexpensively and easily by e-mail. It is an indispensable online marketing tooleffect is often underestimated.

The design is, similar to a flyer or brochure, individual and purposeful. There is the option of designing your newsletter with pure text information or adding images, Internet links, videos or even parts of your own website to it in HTML format.

A newsletter can fulfill several purposes in use. Here are a few examples:

  • Inform recipients about offers and promotions

  • marketing-Start actions

  • Shipmentimportant information about the company (new opening times,was standingchange of location, product range extensions, product recalls, etc.)

  • Publish blog posts

  • announce occasions

  • start polls

  • ...

Newsletters are used for information and constant interaction with customers and partners. You will not be forgotten with this tool and at the same time strengthen customer loyalty. Website visitors who register for a newsletter are aware of this and would like to be kept informed by you.

Thanks to the practical function of unsubscribing quickly and easily (with one click) from these newsletters, the recipient can interact quickly so that you don't end up risking a SPAM reputation.

The function of a newsletter is not comparable to sending a simple e-mail. The creation and use should be well planned and the content should be placed with care. There are also legal bases for this. TheGDPR(General Data Protection Regulation) stipulates that this tool may only be used with the prior consent of the e-mail recipient. Den           _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Simply using e-mail distribution lists in the course of sending is not permitted on this basis and can also have legal consequences as a result of disregard.In addition, there must always be an unsubscribe link in the newsletter,as well as the imprint of the sender are noted.

In addition to the legal aspects just mentioned, the subject line, content and structure are also crucial for success.

I would be happy to support you in this area as well. Book a personal consultation with me today.

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