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Google Addwords (SEA Marketing)

SEA (Search Engine Advertising) involves placing paid search ads. This marketing tool is still one of the most important tools to generate traffic. However, when used incorrectly, search ads quickly become a high cost factor without much benefit.

SEA Adwords

SEA Marketing
(Search Engine Advertising)
Advertising / Search Engines
/ adwords

We all know them...The ads that Google suggests at the top of a search query. 

The advantage here lies in the displayed position, namely in front of the results of the organic search. These organic hits are ranked by Google with no obligation to pay, but they involve a lot of skill and slower progress. With the form of paid advertisements, great success in the ranking can be generated within a short time.

SEO and SEA build on similar foundations, but have a positive impact in different areas.

The keyword analysis is also at the beginning of the SEA. These are fundamental to trigger a targeted response to search queries. It is important to think carefully about what keywords the target group is using in their search.

The next question that arises, how much are you willing to invest? Similar to an auction, whoever has the highest budget for the respective Kyeword usually wins. Google rewards this strategy with a high ranking.

The design of your campaign, in conjunction with the right keywords and an appropriate budget, leads to success here. You should also be aware of the times of day, range and other user behavior in the course of this in order to achieve the best possible price-performance factor. correctly appliedet, this marketing tool can help you to become widely known and promote interactions within a short time.

The most important factors of SEA marketing:

  • keywords

  • CPC bid (cost per click)

  • Ad relevance - the design in terms of headings, URL and text for user stimulation

  • CTR (estimated click rate) - depends on the impression (number of ads shown) and number of clicks by the user, the higher the CTR - the better the rating of your ad (relevance rating)

  • Landing page - this must match your ad perfectly so that the visitor ultimately becomes a customer

  • Ad quality - Google now excludes ads with a high budget but a low quality factor from the good ranking. Bad ads are therefore a cost factor with no benefit.

What are the benefits of good SEA marketing?

  • Increase your traffic on the website

  • Awareness of your brand, site or offer increases

  • Conversions increase - visitors become customers

  • Results in the ranking can be generated quickly and noticeably

  • User analysis - Google analyzes every click in the background and uses this as a basis to help you with optimization

SEA and SEO is almost indispensable for your success and the existing competition.

I would be happy to help you with the best possible and most profitable marketing strategy.

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