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Content - the right content means success

Online marketing has become indispensable for many companies these days. On the one hand, good content means added value for the reader, since they are comprehensively informed about the topic, and on the other hand, it also gives the author / page owner added value in the Google ranking.

Content Marketing

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Basically, the term content means nothing more than content.

By content we can understand several components, these can be images, videos or texts.

This also includes, for example, YouTube videos; TikTok posts or podcast in content areas.
This term is also not understood to refer exclusively to content on the World Wide Web, but also to classic print media, such as a flyer or a magazinell with different content.


Important at theCreating a content is the customer has to get added value without having the feeling of reading an advertisement.

It is also fundamental when creating content that it is not copied, but written individually. Duplicate content has a negative effect on your ranking and is also not good for your image with the reader.

In relation to my service offered to youholdt the Content area includes the following areas:

  • The creation of high-quality texts, includingthe SEO criteria.

  • Revision of your existing content.

  • Restructuring of your existing site.

  • Analyze the respective target groups, set up and revise the texts accordingly.

  • Creation of various social media content on various platforms (Xing, LinkedIN, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Keyword analysis for a positive SEO impact.

  • Individual development of content strategies for your target group.

Your benefit from my work:

  • Win new customers with me through informative content.

  • Build up a very special customer loyalty by setting yourself apart from your competitors with good content.

  • Improve your Google ranking and website traffic and become better known in your professional circles.

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