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print media

Print media are still an important tool for communication and advertising. Whether in the form of newspaper articles, leaflets (flyers) or company presentations. The paper in hand has a different effect on the reader.


print media
Flyers, brochures, newspaper articles, correspondence

The term print media includes all printed media. These include flyers, brochures, books, company presentations as well as postcards and advertising letters. They are the predecessors of our digital media.

There are also separate quality features for each area in the design of print media.

An advertising brochure is intended to encourage the customer to make a purchase, while a book or newspaper article is intended to provide information.

Designing and placing texts for a specific purpose is decisive for the success of your print media.

Once printed, it becomes nearly impossible to correct mistakes. That - good for printing - is an important part of this. After approval, this is duplicated and used accordingly by the client.

Used correctly, print media ideally complement the online market and help you to improve loyalty and awareness.

I am happy to support you in the design of your texts and their placement.

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